The Dying Ghats Of Calcutta

Calcutta had developed beside the Hooghly River, a tributary of the mighty Ganges. This river has played a very important role in the lives of the inhabitants for hundreds of years and helped shape the city of joy.

There are several ghats adorning the riverbank with architecturally significant buildings, evidence to the rich heritage of colonial Calcutta. ‘Ghat’ means a series of steps that lead to a water body. Many prosperous businessmen built magnificent architectures just above the ghats, usually named after them, which became a symbol of pride and landmark harbors for men and materials voyaging to and from distant shores.

With passage of time, these splendid structures started losing its glory due to dearth of conservation and restoration. The documentary film “The Dying Ghats Of Calcutta” depicts the varied architecture of these ghats and speaks of the eminent personalities who built them. It also highlights the need of restoring these monuments which stands witness to Calcutta’s history and heritage.

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