About Us

Born in North Kolkata we have been fortunate to grow up in houses reminiscent of glory and heritage.

From our childhood we have roamed about in the lanes and by lanes of North Kolkata which were like an extended mansion to us. We have always been fascinated by the beautiful ornate houses, its gigantic pillars, gothic sculptures, neoclassical and European architectures that are common in many buildings of North Calcutta. With every step we took, our imagination would flourish and take a stroll down the lanes of history, seeing the magnificent buildings, temples, residences and various archeological structures which whispered so many tales about the rich culture and heritage of the Bengalis of Calcutta.

As we grew up we started gathering information of these palatial buildings and their history by visiting the houses and talking to the present generation who lived there. Of course, grandparents played no less part in feeding us with information and tales of the alleys and the mansions. Like a lot of our generation, after acquiring our Master’s degree, we too embarked and soon were engulfed by our corporate life. But, the numerous attraction that the city has to offer and the chapters of the glorious past that we had discovered as a child continued to prevail on our minds. Our passion for rediscovering the past is perhaps the reason we have evaded the lure of the modern entertainment and mall culture. The charm of the city and its history has managed to keep us hooked!

We’ve often thought, although we are trying to curve a niche for ourselves, but at the same time, should we not take care of the path on which our forefathers had treaded and preserve the heritage that they have gifted us through a beautiful haven of Kolkata? But why these old dilapidated lanes of the city you may wonder? We say, why not! After all it was this part of Kolkata, which was known as Sutanuti some 300 years back approximately, where the early British settlers had chosen to reside here. What’s the charm that beckoned them to choose these parts? Why not rediscover that!

Here lived the Bengali Zamindars, trade with Europeans flourished, the greatest Philanthropist and reformers were born. From here started the cultural renaissance and the revolution for freedom. It’s here that India’s first press, library and theater were “born” …Sutanuti has seen the dawn of what would become the most flourishing chapters of history! Here, every street, lanes, by lanes and houses has history embedded in every crumbling layer of its brick…patched on by time, they are the silent witness to our illustrious past!

But, alas this culture is now fast receding. What with the advent of promoting and ruthless demolition of heritage properties one after the other. Our salient soldiers would soon join the history to which they were witness to and we would perhaps loose the essence of our past!

So, we as a generation who have been fortunate enough to grow-up amidst these rich heritages felt it is our responsibility to preserve it in our own way. We are here to give back to the city its essence, with which it was carved into being. Hence, a clarion call to all, to come and celebrate with us the history and heritage of the ‘city of palaces and joy’, as we take you for a journey down a memory lane to rediscover the true spirit of our city!