The Dying Ghats Of Calcutta

‘Hoogly’, the tributary of the mighty Ganges gave birth to the bustling city of Calcutta, where the riverbank gradually evolved into  a marvelous example of  colonial grandeur. There are several Ghats adorning the riverbank with architecturally significant structures, where the marvel arches, pillars, domes & figures spoke of the bygone era! In Bengali, ‘Ghat’ means a series of steps that leads to a water body. Many prosperous businessmen built magnificent architectures just above the Ghats, usually named after them, which became a symbol of pride and landmark harbors for men and materials voyaging to and from distant shores. For years after, the city took pride in the intricate architecture. But, as time flowed by, history faded to modernisation & colonial Calcutta became a memory of dilapidated remnants.

The documentary film “The Dying Ghats of Calcutta” seeks to delve deep into the debris of time & discern the long lost tales of Calcutta, as we get to hear the stories of eminent personalities who contributed to the magnificent structures. It also highlights the need of restoring these monuments which stand witness to Calcutta’s history and heritage.

Official Trailer